Good News Everyone #1

Good News Everyone by *andrewk

Well it’s been almost a year now since the inception of this RPG and I have a lot of things on paper but, I’ve been busy and haven’t touched this project for a wile.

So Good News Everyone! I’m back and dedicated to get some more content out there, I’ll also be hosting a playable version of what I’ve done so far I know I’ve had some requests for that, and also a youtube clip of the game if you don’t feel like downloading it.

If your reading this blog at all there will most likley be spoilers from the game, but it’s very helpful for the development of the game to keep my thoughts organized.

Zinko's Sprites Updated!

Zinko Sprite Update

Many thanks go out to Kawashima Arts for making a mouse type sprite which I was able to custom edit and combine with the current Zinko sprite that I had 1st made. It came out great and I’m really happy with it!!! So no more edits on Zinko unless they are to make different expressions of the face which should be very easy!

Rummage logo created

Look fimilar? Well yes Rummage is the web search company in Area51 RPG that is going to have it’s hands in everything and eventualy have control over all worldwide information in 2012, what else will happen in 2012? Well you’ll just have to wait and find out.

Lab B1 – Teleport, Night Vision Goggles

The intro escape scene although very painstaking  taught me a lot about how to use event’s effectively and I strove to delve deeper into more special effects that will be relatively new to RPG’s  of this style. The teleport isn’t one of them but the night vision goggles event is an integral part of the next map making it essential to find and use them.

Similar to Agent R’s teleport effect, this takes you to LAB B2

The basic event for this mini console screen will be used on many of the screens that you will see in B1 they will help tell the story of who Zinko is and other beginner (tutorial-like) info such as this.

With the Night Vision Goggles equiped Zinko can now see hidden items and light dark rooms.

It’s a very tedious event but after spending much of Friday night I streamlined the process and am confident I will be able to reproduce it throughout the game. Will the Night Vision Goggles be with you throughout the game? Is to be determined.

Just incase you didn’t read the informational mini screen on how to equip the Goggles I made an event that will semi force you to put them on if you have them in you inventory, and “auto equip” them for you.

Lab Scene B1

Here’s the current progress:

ATM I’m working very hard on the events to make the Lava trap possible for the intro escape scene. The entire starting area has been over hauled and I’ve added a bunch of new sprites and tile sets, custom edited for the lab scene.

Lab Scene B1