Lab Scene B2 Update #2

Lab scene B2 is 80% finished Event wise! The only events that are left to make a quick transport or some sort of elaborate launching scene to move Zinko from the lower left corner of the Map cause if you’ll have gone that way it’s a dead end. Instead of leaving players stranded there to back track and fight monsters, they’ll be redirected to the correct path.

Agent R Scene B2

Agent R will be waiting for you at the end of the scene and this time you don’t do battle but she starts a timer event which I have yet to test once it counts down to zero. I spent the rest of my time tweeking the event text the character movements and the transition to Lab Scene B3!

Special Ops Scene B3 Special Ops Battle Scene B2

Lab Scene B2 Tileset Update #1


Lab Scene B2 is coming together! It all started as just a pen sketch and has greatly evolved. I’m about to leave it “as is” at the moment because it’s such a huge map 80×60 and I want to tweak so many parts of it. For now it’s functional, there are monster encounters, Zinko will lvl to lvl 2 by the time you get to Scene 3. I need to finish up the Scene 3 events (which I haven’t started on) but haveĀ  fresh in my mind what I would like to implement.




Basic Idea


Current look

Monsters Update #1


The resource I’m using to make human type place holder monsters is a site called and the Gaia Dream Avatar Creator from the web baised MMO Gaia Online. Tektek uses all avaiable items for your avatar from Gaia to make a spiffy looking little character.

Here’s the link to one of the Rookie Agents I made if you would like to make one too.

I’m going to sketch out bigger more detailed versions of these with my Wacom tablet but the look of these characters at least makes the game more playable and helps me collect my thoughts better.

To create some nice Anime style facesets for your characters when they speek I used Face Your Manga to create a Rookie Agent’s face.