RPG Maker VX Character Sprite Generator

Searching for sprite making resources I stumbled upon an invaluable site that’s been updating a free sprite generator for over a year now since the launch of RPG Maker VX. If you would like to browse around the blog I recommend you use Google translator on the links. Here is the Japanese to English translated link to the blog.

Raw links are below.

Custom Male sprite generator



Custom Female sprite generator



The blog main page


4 Replies to “RPG Maker VX Character Sprite Generator”

    1. What I recommend to do is use the “naked” sprites from the Genorator and recolor them, then use that to edit your final charater with photoshop/gimp and recolor them to your liking to change the skin color. You may have to be a more skilled spriter to do it. I use photoshop, however if you don’t have it Gimp is a viable alternative.


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