Monsters Update #2


Total over haul and recolor done to Agent R who is on the “Actor3” RPG Maker VX sheet. I recolored her clothes to be black made her hair whiter and did this to sprite face and monster versions of her. Before making this secondary place holder for her in battle I was just using RPG Maker VX’s succubus battle character.

At the end of Scene 2 you’re pincer attacked by waves of Special Ops agents. The little Special Ops sprites I did not make, however I’m going to custom edit them further and make my own version based on these, atm these are very nice placeholder images and give the look and feel that I like. I used Tektek again to make both monster images.

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  1. I am working on a MMORPG that could use an artist like you… you would get to make cool sprites like human monarch class, human serf, High, wood, Dark and water Elfs, Barbarian, Undesirable Humans, Mountain and City Dwards and Finnaly Free and Slave Goblins, I have sprites right now but they need to be replaced there is a male a female version of all classes, and then each class has two subclasses and each of those has two subclasses… Id be interested in paying

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