Monsters Update #2


Total over haul and recolor done to Agent R who is on the “Actor3” RPG Maker VX sheet. I recolored her clothes to be black made her hair whiter and did this to sprite face and monster versions of her. Before making this secondary place holder for her in battle I was just using RPG Maker VX’s succubus battle character.

At the end of Scene 2 you’re pincer attacked by waves of Special Ops agents. The little Special Ops sprites I did not make, however I’m going to custom edit them further and make my own version based on these, atm these are very nice placeholder images and give the look and feel that I like. I used Tektek again to make both monster images.

Lab Scene B2 Update #2

Lab scene B2 is 80% finished Event wise! The only events that are left to make a quick transport or some sort of elaborate launching scene to move Zinko from the lower left corner of the Map cause if you’ll have gone that way it’s a dead end. Instead of leaving players stranded there to back track and fight monsters, they’ll be redirected to the correct path.

Agent R Scene B2

Agent R will be waiting for you at the end of the scene and this time you don’t do battle but she starts a timer event which I have yet to test once it counts down to zero. I spent the rest of my time tweeking the event text the character movements and the transition to Lab Scene B3!

Special Ops Scene B3 Special Ops Battle Scene B2